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The World Is Our Playground

11-01-2024  Gday India

Dive into Adventure and Diversity with "The World Is Our Playground" Series – Book 5 Released! Author Jamel Kaur Singh is thrilled to announce the release of the fifth instalment in the enchanting children's book series, "The World Is Our Playground." The latest addition, titled "Nanak & Tara’s Australian, Minjerribah (North Stradbroke Island)," takes young readers on an exciting journey of discovery and cultural exploration.

Following the captivating adventures of Nanak and Tara, siblings from Australia, each book in the series whisks children away to a different country, inviting them to embark on fun-filled and informative escapades. From Vietnam to France, the Philippines, Greece, and now the stunning Minjerribah (North Stradbroke Island) in Australia, the series aims to introduce primary school-age children to the diverse characteristics, cultures, beliefs, food, locations, and languages of people around the globe.

"The World Is Our Playground" series is not just a collection of stories; it's a powerful tool designed to build awareness of cultural diversity, fostering acceptance and appreciation from an early age. With themes focused on preventing racism and bullying, the series advocates for cultural education as a key component in creating a receptive and inclusive society.

Author Jamel Kaur Singh emphasizes the importance of understanding culture in various aspects of life, including households, schools, communities, organizations, travels, and workplaces. Through the adventures of Nanak and Tara, the series establishes a sense of belonging and pride while promoting effective communication that cultivates peace, unity, and harmony.

Accompanying the release of Book 5, Singh provides valuable Parent/Teacher Resource Notes on Cultural Awareness. Recognizing the significance of cultural education in today's diverse global community, the notes aim to empower students with knowledge, understanding, acceptance, and a sense of belonging. Minister for Immigration and Citizenship, Brendan O’Connor, emphasizes the values of inclusiveness, respect, and belonging as fundamental to Australia's multicultural framework.

Singh's objective is clear—to promote social cohesion through the creation of children's books and teacher resources that spark curiosity and dialogue about culture and the beauty within diversity. "The World Is Our Playground" series serves as a catalyst for unity, breaking down racial and cultural barriers that can plague society.

Join Nanak and Tara on their latest adventure, exploring the rich culture of Minjerribah (Stradbroke Island), and let "The World Is Our Playground" series inspire a new generation to embrace diversity with curiosity, understanding, and open hearts.


11-01-2024  Gday India