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About Us

Introducing G'day India - Melbourne's premier news and lifestyle magazine catering to the flourishing Indian Australian Diaspora since 2007.

As believers in the adage "Time is Money," we present content from an Australian Indian Perspective, targeting the well-informed and discerning Australian Indian community.

G'day India has captured the hearts and minds of our devoted readers, engaging with them on a personal level. Our commitment to being the most read and widely distributed Indian news magazine in Melbourne is complemented by our strong digital presence. We provide a seamless digital experience, connecting with them on Website and social via Facebook and YouTube.

Putting our readers first has earned us their trust and credibility, making G'day India their trusted monthly source for news and lifestyle updates.

We take pride in partnering with like-minded brands, fostering mutually beneficial relationships. The community echoes, "If you're not in G'day India, you don't exist."

At G'day India, we believe that content is king. Renowned for our exceptional content quality, we cater not only to the Indian diaspora but also extend our reach to the growing South Asian population in Australia.

Our invigorating magazine covers every facet of today's world. With articulate, unbiased, and well-informed coverage, we resonate with Australian Indians and the South Asian diaspora, appealing to their intellect and curiosity.

Exclusive stories on Melbourne's Indian community add relevance and interest to our magazine. Our cover stories feature people, technology, business, and science, while our extended features encompass real estate, finance, travel, sports, politics, lifestyle, entertainment, food, and health.

G'day India prides itself on delivering professionally written content from the Australian-Indian perspective, keeping our readers well-informed and up to date.

Beyond being a magazine, G'day India plays a vital role in uplifting the image of Indian Australians in Australia. We focus on their positive contributions to the country they proudly call home.

Join us at G'day India, where it's always good news and where the art of storytelling is our cherished tradition.

Gaura Mar24 WD