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Revolutionising Fitness

08-05-2024  Gday India

Sarina Jain, the founder of Masala Bhangra, was inspired to create the fitness program as a tribute to her father and to honour her Indian heritage. Raised in the United States by immigrant parents who sought a better life, Jain was instilled with a deep sense of pride in her Indian heritage. “My father's words, urging us to embrace our culture while enjoying the opportunities of the West, stayed with me. Tragically, I lost my dad to a sudden cardiac arrest at the young age of 47. To honour his memory and the values he engraved in me, I created Masala Bhangra.”

She wanted to blend her passion for Indian culture, particularly Bhangra dance, with her fitness background to motivate people, especially within the Indian community, to embrace movement and lead healthier lives.

Since its inception, Masala Bhangra has evolved from a workout program to a lifestyle for many individuals. It has not only helped people improve their physical health but has also served as therapy for those going through challenging times, such as relationship issues or grief. Some participants have even credited the program with saving their marriages. Masala Bhangra's impact has spread globally, reaching people of various ages and backgrounds who find joy and fulfilment in its energetic routines.
Jain's message to participants and followers emphasizes the importance of staying fit and healthy, both physically and mentally. She encourages people to incorporate movement into their lives, highlighting the positive effects it can have on longevity and overall well-being. Often referred to as the "Indian Jane Fonda," Jain aims to inspire others to step out of their comfort zones, try something new, and find their rhythm through Masala Bhangra.

Despite facing challenges such as the COVID-19 pandemic, Masala Bhangra continues to thrive. Jain has developed a teacher training program to enable instructors worldwide, including non-Indians, to teach Masala Bhangra in their communities. This initiative has contributed to the program's popularity in countries like Malaysia, Japan, and the United States. Jain remains dedicated to her vision of promoting fitness and cultural appreciation through Masala Bhangra, empowering individuals to lead healthier and happier lives.

Naki Khan shared her journey as a Masala Bhangra ambassador and instructor in Australia, highlighting her efforts to spread the program’s cultural and fitness benefits across the country. She emphasised the unique aspect of Masala Bhangra as a program that combines culture and fitness and expressed excitement about Sarina Jain’s visit to Melbourne and the protentional for more instructors to join the program.

Sarina Jain and Naki Khan are making waves in Melbourne's fitness scene with Masala Bhangra. Often likened to "India's Jane Fonda," Saina Jain's fusion of Indian dance and fitness has captured the interest of Melbourne's fitness enthusiasts. With the vibrant and energetic routines of Masala Bhangra, they're bringing a unique flavour to the city's fitness landscape, spicing it up with cultural richness and dynamic workouts. As ambassadors of Masala Bhangra, they're not just promoting physical activity but also celebrating Indian culture and diversity, making their mark in Melbourne's thriving fitness community.2-13

Jain's Masala Bhangra has had a profound global impact, bringing people together and providing a cultural experience alongside a workout. Participants not only engage in physical activity but also learn about the intricacies of Indian culture, such as the meaning of gestures like "Balle Balle" and the significance of hand movements. This fusion of fitness and culture enriches the experience, fostering understanding and appreciation among participants worldwide. Jain encourages everyone to embrace new experiences and step out of their comfort zones, assuring them that Masala Bhangra has the potential to bring about positive transformation, regardless of the outcome.

Jain reflects on the growth of Masala Bhangra from its humble beginnings to massive events drawing thousands of participants. Initially teaching classes with 30-40 attendees five times a week, she reached hundreds of people weekly. Over the years, her influence expanded globally, with events like the one boasting 5000 participants chanting "Balle Balle" alongside her. This exponential growth demonstrates the program's immense popularity and impact, inspiring people worldwide to embrace movement, culture, and community through Masala Bhangra.

From New York City to Malaysia, Singapore, and now Melbourne, Sarina Jain's Evolution from Hobby to global Bhangra sensation’s not only spicy but also making a huge difference in people’s fitness routine. Best Wishes from G’day India for their future endeavours.

By Tonee Sethi & Nandita Chakraborty

08-05-2024  Gday India

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