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What Is India Cooking at Home?

12-12-2023  Gday India

The Indian kitchen is no longer a place for monotony and humdrum- it’s a vibrant space where memories are made. The trifecta of aesthetics, health & experimentation are making their presence felt in kitchens in notable ways - right from the appliances being picked to the kinds of cuisines being cooked at home. 

Our Food Trends Report, compiled from data collected across 3000+ households and over 15,000 + cooking sessions using delishUp    in 11 cities, reveals the delightful evolution of Indian home cooking. 

The Aspiration for Nutritious Home Cooking 

In an era, where being health-conscious is on the rise, it's interesting to see the aspirations and realities of nutritious cooking at home. While 40 percent of owners want to adopt healthier eating habits, data reveals that less than 10 percent consistently do so every day. This highlights the eternal tug-of-war between aspiration and reality, as comfort food often precedes healthy eating.  

Cross-Cultural Culinary Adventures 

The kitchen has become a place where regional boundaries blur. The data defies stereotypes, as chapati dough, a staple of North Indian cuisine, is now regularly prepared in Southern India, using AI-assisted cooking devices, constituting 3.5 percent of meals made. Similarly, North and West India owners are increasingly embracing South Indian delicacies, including Upma, Lemon Rice, Bangalore-style Sambar, and Cabbage Pachadi. Likewise, in the South, more people are cooking dishes like Gujarati Kadhi, Mumbai-style Pav Bhaji, Rice Kheer, and Surti Cold Coco, among others. This cross-regional interest reveals the ease with which AI-assisted cooking devices facilitate culinary exploration. 

Restaurant-Style Dining at Home   

Recreating restaurant-style meals at home is a prominent trend. Nearly 500 owners expressed enthusiasm for replicating their favourite restaurant meals at home. And this trend holds true irrespective of cuisine - 40 percent are recreating Indian cuisines, 20 percent opting for Continental, and another 20% experimenting with Italian. This not only aligns with the desire for healthier eating but also showcases the evolving palate of Indian households eager to transform "outside food" into homemade delights. 

Innovative Culinary Experiments 

Owners are trying to recreate what they see on TV, online and from their travels at home - Butterbeer from Harry Potter, Horchata from Spain, Mexico’s Michelada and more. Unconventional dishes like Bread Paneer Poha, Beetroot Rasam, Roti nu Shaak, Beetroot Halwa, and Chicken Tagine are now making their way to the dinner table. This signals a growing willingness to embrace diverse flavours and experiment at home, made possible through AI-assisted cooking devices. 

Classics Remain Classics 

Amid culinary exploration, the classics continue to reign supreme. Beloved dishes such as Butter Chicken, Poha and street food favourites like Pav Bhaji and Bhel remain consistent choices in Indian home kitchens. Traditional vegetarian favourites like Veg Pulao and Kadai Paneer continue to win hearts and plates. In fact, data shows that other traditional favourites like Rice Kheer, Vermicelli Payasam and Rasam continue to enjoy widespread popularity and these age-old classics are not being replaced. 

In 2023, beyond the sheer diversity of dishes, there's a profound shift in how we approach home cooking. It is the ease with which young Indian homes are adopting technology to alleviate the monotony of daily cooking that stands out. AI is seamlessly weaving into our daily lives, and its influence extends into the kitchen. 

So, let's embrace the kitchen, explore new horizons, and stop settling for boring food. Join us in this culinary revolution, and let's savour the flavours of a changing India together. The kitchen is where traditions meet innovation, where flavours unite diverse palates, and where the culinary journey continues to evolve, thanks to the wonders of AI. 

By Mahek Mody  



12-12-2023  Gday India

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