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Uniting South Asian Culture: The Aquila Journey

01-11-2023  Gday India

Aquila Events' Bhawna Kapoor, Nidhi Jain, and Monica Kilam on Fostering Cultural Unity

When the community fosters cultural unity, Aquila continues to deliver South Asian exposition and three friends, Bhawna Kapoor, an IT Consultant and Self-employed, Nidhi Jain Team Leader - Customer Service and Monica Kilam, IT Project Manager, jumped right into this Cultural symposium.

What is Aquila?

  Aquila Events is a dynamic and vibrant platform that endeavours to bring together various multicultural businesses and services under one roof. Our events create an immersive cultural experience, bringing together many vendors to celebrate and share their offerings with enthusiastic attendees. Our vision for Aquila is to continue expanding, fostering cultural unity, and delivering outstanding experiences to an ever-growing multicultural community.

Can you share the participants who participated in the event and roughly how many people attended?

Many participants came together to make this year's Expo a success. We welcomed jewellery vendors who presented their exquisite collections, clothing retailers with a diverse range of outfits ranging from traditional to a fusion of Indo western, creative decorators, skilled photographers capturing precious moments, and mandap providers for those planning their weddings. The event had an impressive turnout of over 1,500 visitors, transforming it into a dynamic and bustling celebration of South Asian culture and its rich diversity.

  How was the second year different to the first?

Aquila leveraged the goodwill that we had earned in the inaugural year. This year, the event was a sell-out two months before the Go-Live date, with a massive list of vendors waitlisted and signed up for the next event in 2024.

There was a noticeable increase in the diversity and variety of vendors, contributing to a more extensive range of South Asian products and services available to our audience. 

What has been your experience and learning this year?

The overwhelming response from both vendors and the public has highlighted the massive appetite of the community for cultural engagement post-covid. It has also proved that people value the consistency and high quality that Aquila brings with its every event.

What has been the most endearing moment of this experience?

The interactions, shared stories, and connections made during our events have created a sense of warmth and togetherness with our vendors and attendees that is genuinely heart-warming. We know that we have done something right when our vendors want to sign up with us for our future events in advance.

What is the future for Aquila?

We are committed to expanding and enhancing our events, expanding beyond the wedding theme, introducing new elements, and building upon the success of previous years. Our vision includes reaching even more people and communities, making Aquila an enduring and cherished part of the cultural landscape.

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01-11-2023  Gday India

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