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Tips and tricks that made sparks fly during the festive season

08-11-2023  Gday India

This Diwali, 12,000 dating App QuackQuack users from Tier 1 and 2 cities participated in its consumer opinion study and shared valuable tips that lit up their connections and made sparks fly with their matches. The Indian dating app conducted an online study for three days to understand what works and what doesn't when it comes to dating online. The participants ranged between 20 and 35, with 76 percent of them working professionals and self-employed and 24 percent of the population pursuing higher studies. The daters highlighted a variety of things, ranging from active communication to creative bonding techniques and more. 

 QuackQuack's Founder and CEO, Ravi Mittal, said, "We are rapidly growing and moving towards 30M users, and this study will help the newbies joining the online dating world navigate it more seamlessly. One new trend that we have been noticing these past few months is people are focusing on the quality of their connection instead of the quantity of matches they get, which wasn't the case a few years back. It shows a growth in maturity among the daters today." 

Quality over Quantity 

In the digital world, the quality of interaction is more important than the quantity, say 37 percent of daters from Tier 1 and 2 cities. Users also shared that instead of chasing a million matches that will ultimately amount to nothing, it is more fruitful to engage in meaningful conversation with two or three people who seem the most compatible. The same trick has yielded better results for more than 20 percent of these daters. The other, even if they weren't as successful, mentioned that it would lead to a lot less dating fatigue compared to a number-based dating style. 

Active Participation 

42 percent of daters between the ages of 22 and 32 say listening is not enough if you want to move things forward. Listening is for beginners who are still exploring their options. For people looking for a serious relationship, active participation is a fundamental skill set they need to hone. Especially in the initial chatting phase, if a match merely listens to your side, it might be perceived as a lack of interest. An equal part of speaking is crucial for building rapport and deepening the bond between potential partners. They suggest engaging in thoughtful discussions, asking questions, and sharing personal experiences to create a sense of connection between you and your match. 

Visual Communication Helps 

Seeing your online match's face can add some necessary depth to the virtual interaction, explained 33 percent of women from metros and smaller cities. The physical aspect of a romantic relationship can be slightly compensated with the visual component while making an online connection. Video calls are especially essential because they help gauge facial expressions, behavioural patterns, gestures, and such, helping people enhance the overall exchange. These users revealed that video calls can make interactions more meaningful and intimate. 

Fictional Scenarios and Interactive Stories 

25 percent of men between the ages of 25 and 35 explained how creativity plays an important role in forging a connection. They shared that engaging in interactive storytelling and fictional scenarios, like planning a trip with their match and also imagining how it is going to go or role-playing being partners in real life to see how compatible they are, encouraged emotional expression and a better understanding of each other's perspectives, interests, and values. 

The Art of Virtual Gifting 

46 percent percent of GenZ and Millennials on the app disclosed gifts can win a lot of hearts. Gift-giving is a tad bit different when dating online but not at all difficult, said these daters. These users found that sending virtual gifts such as eBooks, personalised playlists, or even arranging a movie night by renting a movie for their match created unique experiences. Their efforts have always paid off, and more than half of these men and women have secured a relationship with their match with this ultimate gesture of affection. 



08-11-2023  Gday India

Gaura Mar24 WD