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Limited-Edition Medallion Collection Celebrates India's Historic 1983 Cricket World Cup Victory

11-10-2023  Gday India

MELBOURNE, Sep 20: As India prepares to host the ICC Men's Cricket World Cup 2023, the cricketing world commemorates the 40th anniversary of India's legendary victory in the 1983 Cricket World Cup. The historic win, where the Indian team lifted the trophy at Lord's England, defeating the West Indies on 23 June 1983, remains an iconic moment in cricket history. To honour this a chievement, Hurdler Australia P/L proudly presents a strictly limited-edition medallion collection, available to only 1,983 lucky collectors worldwide.

In collaboration with Kapil Dev and his 1983 World Champion team, this unique collection pays tribute to all fifteen members of the celebrated Indian Cricket Team, along with their manager. Each exquisite medallion is plated in genuine 14K Gold and measures 55mm in diameter, making it a rare and invaluable keepsake.

 This exclusive Medallion Collection is strictly limited to 1,983 sets globally, with each presentation case individually numbered and authenticated by a 14K Gold identification plate. Included in each set is a meticulously crafted gold-embossed 1983 World Cup Match Card, showcasing the final scorecard and beautifully reproduced autographs from every team member. An exquisite rendition of the 1983 Prudential World Cup Trophy adds to the collection's allure.

The entire collection is elegantly showcased in a 420 x 225 (mm) timber display case and comes with a special soft velvet storage bag for lasting protection. This limited-edition release is expected to sell out quickly, offering cricket enthusiasts and collectors a rare opportunity to own a piece of India's cricketing legacy.

To mark the 40th anniversary of this historic victory, Mr. Balwinder Singh Sandhu, a distinguished member of the 1983 World Cup squad, shared insights into the enduring significance of India's maiden World Cup title. He stressed that, despite the passage of time, their victory remains a historic and cherished moment in Indian cricket history. Memories of this achievement were vividly revived during the filming of '83, a tribute to this extraordinary accomplishment. Mr. Sandhu expressed immense satisfaction at having played a pivotal role in India's first-ever World Cup triumph.

 The 1983 Cricket World Cup victory, captained by Kapil Dev and featuring Mohinder Amarnath as the Man of the Match, is etched in cricketing lore. As we celebrate the 40th anniversary of this momentous achievement, the legacy of that glorious day continues to shine brightly. Moreover, India's role as the host for the ICC Men's Cricket World Cup 2023, commencing on 5 October 2023, adds significance to this commemoration.

The celebration of this iconic victory took place at the rebranded Tawa - The Indian Griddle House, located on Mountain Highway, Wantirna. The event was organised in c ollaboration with Hurdler Australia and Mr. Johann Dias Jayasinha of SNNI. Esteemed guests included Mr. Balwinder Singh Sandhu and his wife, Mrs. Ravinder Kaur, as well as Mr. Prasad Apre, a close friend of Kapil Dev, who joined from India. Distinguished members and leaders of the South Asian community were also in attendance. Kapil Dev conveyed his happiness through a video message, extending his best wishes to all attendees.

During the interactive session, Mr. Balwinder Singh Sandhu nostalgically recounted the winning match and the many side stories surrounding that historic victory. He highlighted the unique circumstances of those times, with no internet and limited financial rewards for players. Nonetheless, their passion for cricket and unwavering commitment to the game fuelled their remarkable journey to glory.

Mr. Sandhu emphasised that true passion knows no boundaries and that dedication and determination are the keys to achieving greatness. He concluded by underlining the importance of consistent performance, regardless of personal habits or routines during tournaments.

The limited-edition medallion sets, created to commemorate the 40th anniversary of this iconic victory, have been met with tremendous demand and are selling rapidly. Enthusiasts are encouraged to secure their sets promptly.

Mr. Balwinder Singh Sandhu also took the opportunity to honor individuals, including Mr. Rampal (Tawa) and Johann Dias Jayasinha (SNNI), for their contributions to the successful event.

 Notable attendees at the celebration included Dr. Renee Heath MP, Legislative Council member for Eastern Victoria; Acting Indian Consul General Mr. Girish Singh Kavia; Mr. Ross Hepburn, Chairman of Cricket Victoria; Mr. Max Abbott, ICC Communications; Mr. Ken Jacobs, Former CEO of Cricket Victoria; Mr. Ian Crawford, Former President of Prahan Cricket Club & Consultant CA; Mr. Keith Thompson, MC & Country Cricket Victoria Secretary; Mr. David Cruse, ICC Multicultural Team Australia, and representatives from local media outlets.

The event received generous sponsorship from Sri Lanka Airlines, represented by Mr. Mohan S P, Manager, and Amora Hotels, represented by Mr. Neeraj. Mr. Rampal (Tawa) where the event hosted thanked everyone especially his brother-in-law, Mr Kothakapu Srinivasreddy Bava, sisters and nieces who came especially from India to be part of this celebrations.

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11-10-2023  Gday India

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